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Rand Paul’s Flat And Fair Tax: Even Better Than Reagan Plan

by: Stephen Moore   June 24, 2015

Overnight, Rand Paul changed the dynamics of the Republican presidential race when he released his “Fair and Flat” tax plan a week ago. As he said when he unveiled the plan on video, this is the boldest rewrite of the income tax system in 100 years. Even Ronald Reagan — who dramatically improved the federal

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Stephen Moore

Stephen Moore

What Would Reagan Make of the Current GOP’s Tax Debate?

by: Stephen Moore   June 23, 2015

Co-authored by Edwin Feulner and Stephen Moore Among his many talents, Ronald Reagan had a special gift for proving his critics... Read More

On Taxes, Scott Walker Has Wisely Jettisoned the Supply-Side Orthodoxy

by: News and Views   June 22, 2015

Like all the GOP presidential contenders, Scott Walker is being advised by economists and editorial writers to adopt a “cut the... Read More

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