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A Union Fight For More Members, Not A $15 Minimum Wage

November 24, 2015

By F. Vincent Vernuccio

On the same day union-backed demonstrators in Detroit used a mockup of boxer Joe Louis’ fist to punch out Ronald McDonald, the Michigan state Senate passed two bills to protect the independence of small business.

What do the two have in common? The November 10 union protests in several cities across the country called for a $15 minimum wage and “union rights,” but are actually part of a larger effort to make it easier to unionize employees at fast food restaurants like McDonald’s.

The unions’ goal is to take away the secret ballot from employees by having corporations like McDonald’s recognize them without an election. Further, instead of having to convince millions of employees in thousands of small businesses to sign up for paying union dues, unions know it’s much easier to engage in one massive campaign across the country and put pressure on one large company.

To do this, they are trying to destroy the independence of thousands of small mom and pop-owned businesses through the federal National Labor Relations Board.

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