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America Marches Blindly Toward Single-Payer

May 16, 2016

Hillary Clinton just dipped her toe a little bit further into the waters of single-payer health care, prodded by her competitor for the Democratic presidential nomination, Bernie Sanders.

Last week, she called for allowing more people to join Medicare — the government-run healthcare program for seniors — by allowing those “55 or 50 and up” to buy into it. Sanders can no doubt take credit for pulling her further left — his proposal to expand Medicare to cover all Americans has evinced widespread cheers from his partisans.

But the record of other single-payer systems at home and abroad should silence those cheers. Single-payer would devastate the quality of health care that patients receive in this country — and would rob them blind in the process.

Sanders has been agitating for single-payer in the United States for decades. The supposed price tag of his latest proposal for “Medicare-for-All?” A cool $14 trillion over 10 years, he’s claimed.

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