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Cruz a Profile in Courage on Ethanol

January 13, 2016

If Ted Cruz holds on to his slim lead in Iowa, he may be the first politician in ages ‎in either party to win the Hawkeye presidential caucuses without supporting federal ethanol supports.

Cruz has been under constant assault from the ethanol lobby to get behind the mandates that ethanol be blended into gasoline. The industry has even stalked him throughout the state while blitzing the Texas senator with a multimillion-dollar campaign to soften his opposition. The industry claimed to have flipped him on ethanol because he now only wants to phase out the mandate.

But Cruz still says he's “opposed to ethanol subsidies.” Rand Paul is the only other candidate to show such courage.

All of the other wannabes travel to Des Moines and Cedar Rapids and ritualistically sing full-throated praises for the $6 billion ethanol industry. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are all in for Big Corn.

Donald Trump is attacking Cruz for being opposed to ethanol. ‎Trump's all in for ethanol.

I'm not against motorists putting corn in their gas tank if they want to. But what other product has a federal requirement forcing consumers to buy their product?