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Farmers Deserve Free Markets, Not Handouts

September 12, 2016

Just when it seems federal spending couldn't get more preposterous, Congress gives us the “cheese bailout.” In order to support dairy farmers, the feds are buying an estimated 11 million pounds of surplus cheese. The cost to taxpayers? About $20 million.

Buying cheese that nobody wants is just a small slice of federal risk-related subsidies for agricultural producers. Designed to serve as a “safety net” for farmers, these subsidies cost taxpayers about $15 billion a year. This federal intervention is both unnecessary and unaffordable.

Why not let the free market work here as in every other industry, from computers to cars? ‎We can do this in a way that maintains the safety and reliability of our food supply, protects farmers from droughts and other natural disasters, and shields taxpayers from routine bailouts for special agricultural interests.

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