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For GOP Health Reformers, No Sleep Til Cleveland

May 2, 2016

The Republican National Convention is less than three months away. The party may not have settled on a presidential nominee by then. But if the GOP’s top elected official, Speaker Paul Ryan, has his way, Republicans will arrive in Cleveland with a brand-new plan for replacing Obamacare.

The time is right. Insurers are leaving Obamacare’s exchanges, and premiums are spiking. This fall, voters will be asking those on the ballot, Republicans and Democrats alike, what they plan to do about it.

A call to repeal Obamacare will not be enough. The GOP must show the American public how a market-driven healthcare reform plan can deliver better, more accessible care at lower cost.

Americans may be ready for their pitch. Lately, there’s been no shortage of bad news for Obamacare.

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