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How the Affordable Care Act Continues to Fall Short

February 25, 2016

Of the seven main candidates running for president, only one wants to keep the Affordable Care Act in place: the Democratic kind-of-front-runner Hillary Clinton. Everyone else wants to get rid of it.

Most Republicans would replace it by returning health insurance regulation to the states, although they would also lock in much of the ACA's new spending. Self-proclaimed socialist Bernie Sanders would replace it with a single-payer system—Medicare for all. It's a terribly inefficient and costly idea, as many pundits have explained.

But it's worth noting that Sanders' main beef with the ACA is that it doesn't offer universal coverage. Basically, not everyone is insured under the law. While I think he and the other candidates are wrong to see the provision of health insurance cards to all or most Americans as the be-all and end-all of health care policy (health care coverage, put simply, is different from health care), Sanders is right.

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