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How to Fix the Food Stamp Crisis: Work Requirements

August 5, 2015

By Kristina Ribali

There is a crisis in America – a crisis of dependency, and it’s growing.

More than 48 million Americans were enrolled in the food stamp program in 2013, a record high. It is now one of the fastest-growing welfare entitlements in our federal budget, and one of the largest.

A new report by FGA illustrates just how bad it has become.

As Jonathan Ingram and Nic Horton found, “Skyrocketing enrollment has led spending on food stamps to more than quadruple since 2000, reaching a record-high of nearly $80 billion in 2013.” Eighty billion dollars in one year alone. Why is this program growing at such an exponential rate?

Read the full article at the Foundation for Government Accountability: How to Fix the Food Stamp Crisis: Work Requirements

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