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Immigration Grandstanding by Ted Cruz Vandalizes Basic Economics

November 16, 2015

By John Tamny

During last week’s Republican debate, Ted Cruz continued to gear his message toward the wing of the Republican Party eager to close the borders to immigration.  Not explained by Cruz is how a massive border patrol expansion jibes with his allegedly small government instincts, or whether attempts to block foreigners eager for a better life will actually “succeed.” Decades after federal attempts began to keep drugs out of the U.S., Americans still enjoy abundant imports of same.

Cruz’s initial argument was that immigrants “drive down the wages for millions of hardworking men and women.” There he revealed an impressive misunderstanding of basic economics.  This is in a sense a surprise when we consider his correct assertion that immigration is an economic issue.  Yes it is.

A little economic analysis is by extension in order.  Wages are not a function of the supply of labor.  If they were, Detroit would be full of high-wage workers to reflect the non-desire of American citizens or foreigners to toil in this former symbol of economic vitality.  Detroit used to be the recipient of abundant investment, but now it isn’t.  Importantly, Detroit’s low-wage present exposes Cruz’s reasoning as wholly confused.

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