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Jeb Bush Wants to Phase Out Medicare

July 23, 2015

By Peter Suderman

Jeb Bush is attracting some attention and criticism for saying that he wants to “phase out” Medicare. Bush’s full remarks, however, are rather less exciting than the headlines make them sound. He is, however, correct to recognize Medicare’s shaky fiscal future, and the need to begin the process of reforming the program now.

In a forum yesterday hosted by Americans for Prosperity, the GOP presidential noted Rep. Paul Ryan’s proposal to transform Medicare into a premium support system and recalled ads targeting Ryan for the plan. The not-very-subtle ads showed someone who looked like Ryan pushing a senior in a wheelchair off a cliff. Bush complained that this was the typical response from the left when questions are raised about the future of entitlements.

He then goes on to argue that it’s important to make the case for entitlement reform.

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