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Mike Huckabee has a point

July 28, 2015

By Marc A. Thiessen

President Obama is outraged at former Gov. Mike Huckabee’s comments that his nuclear deal with Iran “will march Israelis to the oven door”:

You know, the particular comments of Mr. Huckabee are, I think, part of just a general pattern that we’ve seen, that is — would be considered ridiculous if it weren’t so sad…

And if part of what historically has made America great is, particularly when it comes to foreign policy, there has been a recognition that these issues are too serious, that issues of war and peace are of such grave concern and consequence that we don’t play fast and loose that way. We have robust debates. We look at the facts. There are going to be disagreements but we just don’t fling out ad hominem attacks like that because it doesn’t help inform the American people.

First, this is coming from the same president who has repeatedly accused those who oppose his nuclear agreement as wanting war with Iran … the same president whose Secretary of State, John Kerry, compared Israel to the Apartheid regime in South Africa … the same president who said that Republicans’ message to the poor is “you’re on your own” … and that conservatives are “bitter” people who “cling to guns or religion.” Obama is the master of ad hominem attacks. So it’s a little rich for him to be suddenly offended by the coarsened state of our political discourse...

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