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More Economic Nonsense from Trump

February 16, 2016

By Jared Meyer

Railing against corporations that leave America to relocate to another country is a winning tactic. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has fully endorsed this strategy during his stump speeches. When speaking about American business expats, he recently told supporters at a campaign rally in New Hampshire, “You can tell them to go f*** themselves.”

Many economic factors, stretching from labor costs to regulatory burdens to foreign demand, have led U.S. companies to move some or all of their operations out of America. But one of the main causes, especially when it comes to relocating a corporation’s headquarters abroad, is America’s internationally uncompetitive corporate-tax system.

The fault lies with the federal government, not corporate managers fulfilling their legal duties. Despite Trump’s rather heated rhetoric, his own tax plan shows that he fully understands this cause when he is not tossing applause lines to his supporters.

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