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People Need to Relax About Marco Rubio’s Child Tax Credit

November 12, 2015

By Ryan Ellis

There has been much grinding of teeth and tearing of garments over Marco Rubio’s child tax credit proposal in his tax reform plan. Senator Rand Paul attacked it as a trillion dollar spending plan in the debate this week, which is odd considering we’re talking about cutting taxes and not spending money.

The Wall Street Journal editorial board in particular seems myopically obsessed with it. It’s to the point where they and fellow 1970s era supply siders think that’s all there is in the plan. They ignore that the Rubio plan hits all the 21st century marks of being pro-growth:

  • The tax rate on both corporate and “flow-through” businesses is 25%, close to the developed nation average and leaving us with a rate lower than Japan, Mexico, France, and Germany. We’d be in the ballpark of Canada and the United Kingdom, whereas right now they are eating our lunch

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