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Question Hour (make that ‘Minute’) for Republican candidates on health policy

January 20, 2016

By Thomas Miller

Let the debate among Republican presidential candidates on health policy and how to replace Obamacare begin! It doesn’t appear to have started yet.

Last week’s seven-candidate debate hosted by the Fox Business Network once again found much to discuss in terms of national security issues, immigration law enforcement, even a little economic policy, and, of course, the latest round of character attacks and counter-attacks. Still missing in action: at least the first subcutaneous probe of where the respective candidates stand on health policy issues.

Based on recent performance, it’s questionable whether health policy has attracted sufficient interest among the media and Republican primary voters to command more than a few seconds on the debate stage. But it’s not for lack of potential lines of inquiry.

Here are some questions to candidates that still await new rounds of oversimplified, evasive, or (one might hope) thoughtful answers.

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