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Rubio’s health care plan: Getting beyond the op-ed

August 21, 2015

By Thomas P. Miller

Earlier this week, Florida Senator Marco Rubio tossed into the Republican presidential campaign ring an abbreviated version of his plan to fix health care.  How does his approach (published in Politico magazine) compare to a somewhat more detailed plan released by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker the next day?

Both candidates for the Republican nomination agree on several core concepts:

(1)  Creating refundable tax credits to help more Americans purchase health insurance;

(2)  Reforming insurance regulation through such mechanisms as high-risk pools, expansion of Health Savings Accounts, and enabling the purchase of coverage across state lines; and

(3) Moving Medicaid financing into a block grant system with more state flexibility.

These are all pretty standard Republican policy touchstones.

Read the full article at the American Enterprise Institute: Rubio’s health care plan: Getting beyond the op-ed

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