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Sixteen Questions for the GOP Debate

December 14, 2015

By Ramesh Ponnuru

Instead of just criticizing the presidential debate moderators after the fact, I've decided to suggest a few questions for them to ask on Tuesday night in Las Vegas. I don't know if the questions will be good for ratings, but I'd like to know the candidates' answers to them.

1. Nearly all of you have criticized President Barack Obama for setting policy on his own, without congressional approval. What steps would you take to rebalance power between the White House and Capitol Hill?

2. Do you believe that the president has the authority to launch a military attack overseas without congressional approval?

3. Mr. Trump, you've repeatedly said that you'd rapidly deport all illegal immigrants in the U.S. and then let many of them come back after they've been vetted. Why not just vet them here?

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