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Sorry, Mr. Trump, But You’re Completely Wrong About Eminent Domain

March 15, 2016

By George Leef

Just at the time when America most desperately needs a leader who will pull the nation back from the abyss of Omnipotent Government (a term borrowed from Ludwig von Mises, who so titled one of his great books), we find ourselves facing the prospect of either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

If we are to start recovering from our severe case of statism, we must have someone who, like Margaret Thatcher, is committed to and can make the case for limited government, the rule of law, free enterprise (as opposed to crony capitalism) and individual responsibility. Sadly, it seems that we are likely to have still another president who will only make matters worse.

Everyone knows that Clinton is one of those “progressive” authoritarians who love to expand the scope and power of government because doing so helps them cement the thing they crave – control.

Donald Trump also loves big government and it’s hard to imagine him arguing for any significant downsizing of our governmental leviathan. His defense of using eminent domain for “the public good” is telling.

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