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The Right Way To Replace Obamacare’s Subsidy

February 8, 2016

On the eve of the New Hampshire primary, nine candidates for the Republican presidential nomination remain. All are staunch critics of Obamacare.

But they differ on what they’d put in its place. One point of tension? How to replace Obamacare’s overly complicated subsidy system.

The GOP roughly falls into two camps — those who would prefer to allow Americans to deduct a portion of the cost of health insurance from their income taxes, just as businesses can, and those who would grant individuals age-based refundable tax credits to help cover the cost of coverage.

 Those in the latter camp have the better argument. Such credits represent the most effective way to make health insurance affordable and accessible to the greatest number of Americans.
Universally available individual tax credits would help rid the U.S. healthcare system of one of its biggest problems — the inequity between those who get health insurance through work and those who must purchase it on their own.
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