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Trump’s Never Managed to Be a Manager

July 21, 2016

By Timothy L. O'Brien

"I realized that America doesn’t need more 'all-talk, no-action' politicians running things. It needs smart businesspeople who understand how to manage. We don’t need more political rhetoric -- we need more common sense. 'If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it' -- but if it is broke, let’s stop talking about it and fix it. I know how to fix it." --Donald Trump, "Crippled America"

When Donald Trump strides onto the stage at Cleveland's Quicken Loans Arena Thursday night to accept the Republican Party's presidential nomination, he'll complete the penultimate step on an improbable journey toward the White House.

He'll also have the opportunity to define his qualifications to hold the world's most powerful political office. His close friend and fundraiser, Colony Capital CEO Tom Barrack, told a CNN reporter at the convention Thursday night that he expects Trump to drive home his prowess as a business executive and to demonstrate "how good he can be when he's in the saddle."

While many of Trump's bona fides have been hard to pin down -- how conversant and informed he is about, say, foreign, monetary, fiscal, health, education, immigration, regulatory and defense policies -- we actually do know a lot about his capacity to manage a business.

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