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Walker vs. Cruz on Immigration: The Debate We Need

April 30, 2015

By Mark Krikorian

There’s been a lot of commentary about the politics of Scott Walker’s observation that the well-being of American workers must be considered when making immigration policy. John Fonte’s fine piece on the home page today puts it in the context of a growing conservative populist movement.

One of the benefits of such a movement is that we may finally have the kind of immigration debate our country needs. Though they mean very different things, all politicians say they support border enforcement and oppose amnesty and illegal immigration. Through continual pressure by progressively better-informed voters, we’ve managed to expose the real differences among politicians on the illegal-immigration issue, especially on the core question of whether you support giving illegal liens legal status before or after the enforcement tools needed to prevent a recurrence are fully operational.

But most immigration is legal, and that’s where there the issues have not been brought into clear focus...

Read the full article at National Review Online: Walker vs. Cruz on Immigration: The Debate We Need.

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