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Watering Down Religious Freedom to ‘Freedom to Worship’

September 18, 2014

By Sarah Torre

The right to live, work and worship according to one’s faith is a freedom foundational to the United States. Many of the first settlers, having faced religious persecution in England, sought a place where they could freely worship and live according to their conscience without interference from the government. The Founders were clear, and the Bill of Rights makes it fundamental to our constitutional order that the government should not infringe on the free exercise of religion.

In recent years, however, Americans have increasingly faced attempts to water down this robust understanding of religious freedom to a mere “freedom to worship.”

Through expansive government mandates and cultural pressures, this incorrect view of religious liberty argues that faith should remain a private affair—relegated to personal activities or weekend worship services. Step outside the four walls of a home or house of worship and robust protection of religious freedom ends...

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