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What the GOP Candidates Should Say on Health Care

August 14, 2015

By James Capretta

At the two GOP presidential debates last week, health care was not front and center for most of the conversation. At the session for those in the top ten in polling, Donald Trump was given a chance to clarify his past support for a single-payer health system. Ohio governor John Kasich did better explaining his support for expanding Medicaid in his state. But at the earlier debate for the candidates outside the top ten, both Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal and former New York governor George Pataki also did well explaining why they believed Kasich had erred.
Beyond that, not much was said on health care. In fact, both debates were light on policy proposals in general.
That’s also been the case on the campaign trail, especially with respect to health care. At this point, what we know about the GOP candidates is that they all dislike the Affordable Care Act — a.k.a. Obamacare — and have pledged, explicitly or in indirect ways, to repeal and replace it. What we don’t know is how well they can articulate their reasons for taking this position, or, with the exceptions of Governor Jindal and Florida senator Marco Rubio, what exactly they would do differently in a replacement plan.Read the full article at National Review: What the GOP Candidates Should Say on Health Care

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