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What the Ted Cruz–Marco Rubio tax war is all about

January 13, 2016

By James Pethokoukis

Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio have been battling hard over immigration, each hoping to become the clear Republican presidential favorite once GOP voters awake from their Trumpian fever dream. Now a new front is emerging between the two candidates: Begun the tax wars have!

Of course to Democrats, the idea of Republicans fighting over taxes may seem ridiculous. What’s there to fight about, really? Aren’t all their tax plans pretty much the same? Cut taxes massively for the rich and hand-wave away budget concerns with tired promises about superfast economic growth?

There is some truth to that criticism. Cruz and Rubio have each presented plans that would lose trillions over the next decade, assuming no strong economic feedback. And the richest Americans would certainly see much lower tax bills. But there are key differences, and it is over those differences that their tax war will be waged.

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