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What would Trump-onomics do about helping troubled companies?

April 4, 2016

By James Pethokoukis

If I were moderating a GOP presidential debate, I might ask a question like this:

India’s Tata Steel has announced plans to sell or shutter its British operations. The UK business directly employs 15,000 workers with, I assume, those jobs supporting many thousands of others. It’s another indication that British steel-making is in permanent decline. But both the big business lobby and the nation’s largest trade union want a bailout. Some in the Labour party even want to nationalize the assets. If you faced a similar situation as US president, what would you do?

In particular, WWTDD: What would [Donald Trump] do? The GOP frontrunner, as evidenced by his comments on offshoring, seems to have little patience for businesses’ making hard financial choices to help the bottom line. What sort of “deal” would a POTUS Trump attempt to strike with Tata or the Indian government to prevent closure?

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