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Will Trump default on America?

February 25, 2016

By Michael Rubin

With Donald Trump’s victory in Nevada, the likelihood that he could be the Republican nominee is increasing. Even if Senators Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz take Texas and rebuild momentum, it may soon be too late to catch up.

Analysts have long stopped trying to figure out Trump’s true positions or political philosophy — if he has one — since he has flip-flopped so much. But on one issue, Trump has been both consistent and unapologetic: his business record and his defense of bankruptcy. If that’s a window into Trump’s vision for political leadership, it’s truly troubling.

Back in August 2015 — and sporadically since then — Donald Trump has deflected criticisms of the four major bankruptcies his business empire has weathered as just the cost of doing business or as his shrewdly using existing bankruptcy law to his advantage. Let’s put aside that, while his Chapter 11 bankruptcies have indeed allowed his businesses to live and see another day, they were the equivalent of throwing under the bus multiple up-and-coming smaller businesses which had contracted with the Trump empire.

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